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16:11 07 October in UP COMMING EVENT

Decision Analysis


Workshop Overview

Planning and decision making is one of the core functions of management. Managers are required to make good decisions based on sound analysis. The purpose of decision analysis is to reduce uncertainty in a changing environment and so reduce costs and help people focus on what is important. Managers are required to not only analyze the existing data for better understanding of the business dynamics but should also plan to improve performance. It is well understood that managers who possess good planning and analytical skills produce better results.

The workshop Decision Analysis will enable managers to enhance their planning and analysis skills. It will help them break down problems into parts, to see relationships or interdependencies, and will help them in improving their decision making and execution skills. The workshop utilizes workplace challenges as a methodology. Working in cross functional teams, participants analyze real life problems and develop their solution and implementation schedule.  As a result of the workshop managers will develop the ability to analyze the trends, identify causes and recommend solutions. They will also be able to perform risk analysis and improve execution of their decisions.



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