Muhammad Khaleeq
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Muhammad Khaleeq

Muhammad Khaleeq
MBA (Canada)
Khaleeq has spent 38 years of his professional life outside Pakistan. With a humble
start in mid 70s as a material man with a German construction firm developing stateof-the art sports stadiums in Saudi Arabian deserts, he rose to positions of Head of
Strategic Planning, HR Director, Business Development Director, COO and CEO of
global, regional and national corporations.
He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience gathered from serving
a wide array of industrial segments like power generation & distribution, oil & gas
exploration, automation, industrial services, telecommunication, healthcare,
insurance, education, real estate development, travel & tourism and publishing.
As a globe-trotter, his visits of 30+ countries in all continents and experience of
working with 70+ nationalities, has deepened his understanding of cultural
sensitivities while dealing with people of diverse backgrounds in a dynamic and
challenging business environment.
As a member of top leadership team, he has been involved in start-ups, running
concerns, turnarounds, mergers & acquisitions as well as ramp-ups at multi-billiondollar projects, their successful execution and ramp-downs.
The functions he headed over the years included supply chain management,
procurement, project management, market research, strategic planning &
controlling, corporate & marketing communications, business development,
customer service, operations, organizational development, and the heaviest of all,
human resource management.
Khaleeq has served for more than two decades at Siemens AG, a global technology
giant from Germany, founded in 1847, with operations in more than 190 countries.
His last role there was of Regional HR Director for 5 Gulf States. He provided HR
advisory services to Qatar Ministry of Health on behalf of McKinsey & Company, one
of the top 3 consulting firms worldwide. He headed the HR Division of EMAAR of UAE
at King Abdullah Economic City Project in Saudi Arabia, a habitat for 2 million people
with its own seaport, industrial valley and commercial hub.
He has been involved as a mentor and coach in grooming of C-suite executives and
senior management through leadership development programs of Siemens Global
Learning Campus in Australia, China, UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.
His passion includes development of young leaders, design and implementation of
robust business management systems with special focus on performance & rewards.
Khaleeq is a board member at several NGOs in the social development and education
sectors, youth development fora and think tanks.
He can converse in several languages including Punjabi, Urdu, English, Arabic and