Dr. Mobin ul Haque
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Dr. Mobin ul Haque

Dr. Mobin ul Haque
BS Engineering, MBA, LUMS, PhD.

A strong believer in immense human talent, Mobin enhances participants’ performance and productivity by unleashing their leadership potential. A qualified mechanical engineer and an MBA from LUMS, he has a vast experience in conducting consultancies and trainings. He has been associated with this profession since 1996 and during this time he has impacted the lives of thousands of participants by offering training in various fields of leadership, marketing, and management. As a co-founder and Director of TD, Mobin brings latest knowledge and out of box thinking to the training and consultancy industry. Mobin believes that every human being has a hidden talent and is born to be a leader. It is only a matter of unleashing his/her potential, through developing appropriate systems and culture, that can transform them from being an ordinary individual into a pinnacle of human success.

As a consultant Mobin ul Haque helps participants and organizations understand, and practice fundamental leadership values and behaviors. He approaches consultancy from strategic perspective. He aspires to make HR a lead department, a business partner, of an organization. He believes in justice and opportunity for growth for all. He has worked with many national and multinational companies in Pakistan; some of the companies are ICI Pakistan, AkzoNobel Pakistan, FMC, HBL, Meezan Bank, Faysal Bank, Packages, Engro Corp, CHT, Tiflee Education, Shafi rescheme, HHRD, Helping Hand, VCS,Auriga group, PepsiCo International, Frito Lays, Ali Akbar Group, PSO, 4B Group, Nestle, GSK, Coca-Cola, UBL, etc.

Dr. Mobin ul Haque is a trainer and consultant in the fields of leadership, HR, strategic management, sales and marketing and personal development. He guides organizations and facilitates teams and individuals with an all-inclusive approach encompassing all facets of leadership.
Dr. Mobin ul Haque has also worked as a professor and head of department at UMT for 18 years. He is also certified in Effective Teaching Methodology from George Mason University, USA.