Khurram Khan
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Khurram Khan

Khurram Khan

Khurram Khan has more than 18 years of teaching, and training experience in the fields of IT, Computer and Management Sciences. He has planned, developed and conducted training in the areas of Information Technology and Management. He has trained thousands of professionals and students from various industries and universities.

Khurram has diversified qualifications; he has done MBA and MS(Computer Science). His unique set of skills and qualifications allows him to link software uses with the management issues at the workplace. Khurram has a highly interactive style of training, he involves participants using his hands on training methodology to simplify and teach IT concepts. Participants of his workshops become better managers by enhancing their analytical and decision making skills.

Khurram is a master trainer for Microsoft OFFICE and its related components. His specialty lies helping managers become power users of Excel. He has developed modules to teach decision making using DASHBOARDS, BI (Business intelligence), Excel Automation and other similar advance uses of Excel at workplace. He also conducts international webinars on various advance excel topics.

Khurram has provided trainings to the organizations like Alfalah Bank, HBL, Punjab Provisional officers, Telenor, ICI Pakistan, PepsiCo, Coke, Nestle, Kohinoor Energy, Shahakam, Frito Lays, Metro Cash and Carry, Faysal Bank, Haleeb Food, Samson, and Service Industries, HASCOL Petroleum, Engro Fertilizers.