Customised Training Solutions
Achieve high performance with customised training solutions.
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Customised Training Solutions

Procedural Guide to Customised Training Solution


Step 1 (Exploration of Targeted Workforce):

Exploratory Meetings with Concerned Heads
An exploratory meeting with Concerned Head of Department to discuss the current scenario, the causative elements in background and the vision based strategy towards the future.
Environmental Analysis of Targeted Profile
Before pursuing towards specific employee research, our team develops a broad picture of the environment in which the workforce operates. This is to analyze, how various environmental factors influence the workforce.
GAP Analysis
In-depth meetings with Line Mangers (Assistant Managers / Managers) to discuss the gaps in the required levels of competencies of their direct reports (officers and executives) and their expectations regarding the impact of the training initiative.


Step 2 (Identification and Specification of Training Needs)

Compilation of Gathered Information
Knowledge Enhancement Wing at TD collects and filters the relevant information to translate it into a meaningful data.
Identification of Training Needs
The gathered data is used for development of specific areas for Talent Development.


Step 3 (Program Development)

Finalizing Program Content and Training Methodology
Program contents and training methodology are finalized to meet the training objectives.


Step 4 (Program Delivery)

Workshop Ware
Customized workshop ware is provided to the participants.
Training Program Delivery
The custom program is delivered by the workshop facilitators to meet the required objectives and individual needs.


Step 5 (Training Evaluation)

Follow-up/Training Assessment
A follow-up session is organized with the participants to review the program and evaluate training effectiveness and ROI.

* Step 5 is optional and will be charged separately